Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The fifth graders are finally done with their SUPER HERO project. We began the year looking at figure drawing and used super heroes as the theme for our pictures. I really under estimated how much time this project would take, but the students really enjoyed it.  They had some great conversations during class about what their heroes were doing and some students even came up with ideas for villains and super hero side kicks.

I introduced the project by showing the classes short video clips, of some super hero cartoons from the past.  Do you remember Under Dog, Atom Ant, Mighty Mouse or Bullwinkle and Rocky? Is that going to far back for you? How about Power Rangers?

Then after some quick demonstrations on drawing action figures, the fifth graders were ready to go to work. Heroes were drawn, and color was added using markers, crayon or colored pencil. Backgrounds were designed and painted using watercolor.  Last, styrofoam was added to the back of each figure and they were hot glued into the backgrounds. This gave the finished pieces a three dimensional look.

When finished each student took some time to write down some information about their subjects. What was the heroes name? What were the super hero powers? What were the weaknesses?

Hero:  Muscle Man       
Powers:  Fast and flexible and glows in the dark.

Hero: Nature Girl and Nature Bunny
Powers:  She can make flowers grow automatically to make the world a better place. She likes saving endangered animals.

Hero: The Shadow Samurai
Powers:  The shadow samurai can generate awesome blue plasma balls and she is a martial arts master. Her blue sword can penetrate anything and I mean ANYTHING.
Weakness: Her weakness is, well fighting in the rain because then she can't see. She'd have a disadvantage and would rather stay indoors.

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