Saturday, November 26, 2011


 Third grade classes at Emerson used masking tape to mask out the shapes of trees and liquid watercolor to paint the negative spaces around them. The finished paintings made a colorful display on our hallway bulletin boards.


When you ask 9 and 10 year olds to clean the paint bowls and rinse out the brushes you just never know what you may find in the sink. This was worth taking a minute to snap a picture :)


I have done this project for several years in a number of different ways. Some years we have used cityscapes as the subject for the print, sometimes landscapes or fall trees. This year after demonstrating the process for creating the reflected print I decided to let the students decide on the subject for their individual projects. I was really excited to see the variety in their images. Well done fourth grade!!!!




Tessellations are drawings created using shapes that fit together without any gaps or overlaps. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle.

Artist, MC Escher, is considered the master of the art of tessellation and during his lifetime he completed thousands of these fascinating drawings. After spending time in class looking a number or his drawings the fifth graders were excited to find that by following a few basic steps they could create their own tessellating shape and use it in a drawing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The first graders are finally finished with their silhouette project. It took a lot longer to complete than I anticipated but I think they turned out great. We used coffee filters for the background and black construction paper folded accordion style to create a paper chain of trees. Enjoy!!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Special thanks and recognition goes to the Emerson Parent Group for purchasing frames and matting to display student work in the hallways at school. All of the kids have been working really hard on their projects this fall and I have been watching for outstanding examples of their finished work to exhibit.    We still have a few frames left to fill, but already the hallways seem much brighter.  Thanks again to the Emerson Parent Group.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Daily Monster - mimoZine Artist Profile

The fourth graders at FMI have really enjoyed learning about artist Stefan Bucher and the creative process used to create his "Daily Monsters." We used black india ink with a soda straw to blow ink across our paper and produce our own "Fourth Grade Monsters" The results are fantastic! Students have named their monsters and a few are even writing poems and short stories about them. I am in the process of making a photo book of their work to keep in the art room. I will be sure and post when it is finished.