Saturday, August 13, 2011


Welcome to my art blog!

It is hard to believe I am beginning my 31st year (yikes) of teaching art. Most of those years have been in the Marion Independent School District in Marion, Iowa. Nearly all of that time has been spent teaching elementary students.  This year I will once again be teaching at Francis Marion Intermediate School, which is a fourth and fifth grade building and Emerson Elementary School which is a kindergarten through third grade building. I love the enthusiasm of my students and I am looking forward to many new artistic adventures with them during the new school year.

My main goal in creating this blog is to document and communicate with colleagues, art educators, and most importantly parents about the activities and projects going on in my art room. Many of the ideas you will see on this page are my own, some are those that have been shared by other fantastic educators around the country and have been adapted to fit our curriculum. I hope you have as much fun visiting this site and I think I am going to have developing it. By all means if you have comments, suggestions or questions be sure and let me here from you.

So here we go! Let the new year begin. I am sure it will be a great one.


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